The Center for Religion and Environment (CRE) seeks to transform individuals and society by integrating faith with care for the environment. It promotes contemplative outdoor spiritual practice and explores the ideas that flow from that experience.  As a think thank, we also provide intellectual content for CRE’s partners  and academic opportunities for the College of Arts and Sciences and School of Theology.

WE ARE LOCATED AT SEWANEE, THE UNIVERSITY OF THE SOUTH, which brings together a first-rate environmental studies program offering both scientific and humanities/social policy dimensions, one of the strongest Episcopal theological seminaries in America, a top-rate liberal arts college, and the practical benefits of being located on 13,000 acres atop the beautiful Cumberland Plateau.  We make the most of our unique location by serving as a locus for synergy between the University of the South’s College of Arts and Sciences, School of Theology, All Saints’ Chapel, and the environmental efforts of the University as they strive to develop the mind, heart, and spirit. Beyond Sewanee’s gates CRE serves as a resource helping faith communities grow spiritually and intellectually and form behaviors conducive to sustainable living.

OUR MINISTRY EMBRACES THE IDEAS of the Episcopal House of Bishops that “if we cannot live in harmony with the earth, we will not live in harmony with one another” and that “ancient wisdom and spiritual disciplines from our faith offer deep resources to help address this environmental crisis.” Accordingly, based upon our contemplative experience and theological reflection, CRE explores the implications for how we as human beings interact with the nonhuman world. CRE’s partners and collaborators then implement these ideas in their projects and programs.  One of our partners that was brought forth through CRE is EarthKeepers, a campus based program that provides opportunities for encountering the sacredness in Creation.  You can learn more about EarthKeepers on their site: http://eksewanee.wordpress.com/

Header Photos by Sister Madeleine Mary of the Sisters of St. Mary Convent.

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